Sandie Bero is a Jersey girl who earned her BFA in Fine Arts at Montclair State University. From her early years doing paste-up in a two-main ad shop on the East Coast to leading the creative team at a top consumer electronics corporation in Southern California, each position she held fed her creative soul and stretched her abilities. At Epson Amercia Inc. she managed the creative and production services groups, creating high-quality, cost-effective consumer and retails communication materials that consistently elevated the brand.

Sandie is passionate about developing creative solutions that push the envelope. Her favorite part of any design project is strategizing and collaborating with her clients to define the best conceptual and stylistic direction for their companies and their brands. In addition to the design work she does with Jeannie at Shumate Design, she also owns Molo Design, A Creative Resource.

When not at work on your creative projects, Sandie pursues other interests, all of them creative. She enjoys giving new life to mid-century steel furniture, helping small non-profits such as Love INC (in the Name of Christ) find their voice, and feeding her online cravings. She also has a weakness for a great cuppa’ joe. True to her creative roots, she prefers funky, local coffeehouses to the corporate giants.